Powerful mobile phone app rewards patient loyalty, generates referrals!

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  • Imagine! A complete patient loyalty app and communications hub that runs itself, with little effort!

  • Generate referrals and act on them instantly!

  • Reward patients for complying with your treatment plans!

  • Attract more visitors to your website and social media pages!

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4 reasons eTrove is a must-have for your practice…

#1 Stay In Front of Your Patients!

Your app and brand display permanently on your patient’s smartphone or tablet. Patients can book appointments, make referrals, earn loyaly points, read your posts, and more!

#2 With Our App, You're the Star!

Maintain high visibility with your valued patients! Push Technology lets you send the latest news, advice and promotions straight to their smartphone screens!

#3 Profits You Can Actually Measure!

Effective patient interaction is a proven revenue-booster. See concrete results with our built-in referral list – estimate Return On Investment (ROI) as proof it’s working for you!

#4 Relax! We Do It All for Your Practice!

From maintaining your app, to inventorying your prizes, to editing your copy and advising you on the most effective promotions, our staff is ready to help you succeed!

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How does it work?

#1 Look Brilliant to Patients and Prospects

Once patients download your app, they’ll have a convenient way to communicate and interact with all of your digital outlets – email, appointments, referrals, social media, reviews.

#2 Patients Request Office Visits In A Snap!

Your patients can request a visit anytime, anywhere! Requests will be sent to the mailbox of your choice, so your front desk can call and confirm.

#3 Prized Referrals Made Easy!

Your new patient loyalty app encourages prospects to make a referral every time they open it. Referral info appears on a chart in your eTrove control panel. Just pick up the phone and book ’em!

#4 Say "Thank You" For Their Loyalty!

We help you set up a sophisticated loyalty reward program. Patients earn points leading to a choice of gifts you select for them. Boost referrals effortlessly with this unique feature!

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“What exactly can eTrove do for us?”

Referral List on eTrove Control Panel

Building loyalty and acquiring referrals was never so simple!

eTrove is a mobile app for small businesses and practices, plus a supporting marketing system, that nurtures patient relationships and referrals, automatically.

On their smartphone, patients download your app from the iTunes Store or Google Play, It’s a complete mobile hub for your practice, and includes a powerful loyalty program that rewards patients for positive behaviors – like downloading the app, complying with your treatment plan or promptness at office appointments – whatever you choose!

When point goals are achieved, patients can claim a prize – either electronically, or at your office.

With our advanced system, you can easily…

  • Improve compliance with treatment plans, boost patient referrals, attract attention on social media, and much more!
  • Easily monitor patient actions, prize inventory and other parameters!
  • With the help of our consultants or on your own, use the data to fine-tune your programs!

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“Our app traffic and referrals are growing steadily ... eTrove's account management was amazing ... It was entirely their goal to make sure we were completely happy with the final product. eTrove is super friendly and super reliable.”

Emma O’Brian, Momentum Health

“We already have a website. Why have an app, too?”

Referral List on eTrove Control Panel

Look around you! Consumers are averaging more time on their smartphones every day!

According to a recent study by eMarketer, average daily adult smartphone usage went from 20 minutes in 2008 to 2.8 hours in 2015!

Now more than ever, it’s important for businesses to have a presence in the mobile phone universe!

FACT: Apps account for 90% of time spent on mobile devices, while only 10% is spent visiting conventional websites.

(Source: Flurry from Yahoo!)

Why are apps so much better than websites on a mobile phone?

  • – APPS “live” right on a user’s home screen – highly visible and easy-to-access – so connecting with your practice is just a tap away!
    – WEBSITES require a browser. This can be awkward and time-consuming for smartphone users.
  • – APPS use Push Technology, News, advice and special offers can be broadcast right to your patients’ notification screens – even when the app is closed!
    – WEBSITES rarely offer this technology.
  • – APPS can access smartphone devices such as the camera, the scanner and the outbound phone.
    – WEBSITES generally cannot do this.
  • – APPS can open and function with or without Internet access.
    – WEBSITES require Internet access
     to be opened.

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“We don’t have much time. What’s it take to get started?”

The RatingWell | eTrove team does most of the work for you. We consult and report to you as often as you wish!

Watch the video (above) for more details!

Hassle-free setup of your eTrove system!

Our professional marketing consultants are there for you every step of the way…

  • DISCOVER – We work with you to design programs and select prizes for maximum results.
  • CONFIGURE – We do the design work, set up the back-end administration, and submit your app to the iTunes Store and Google Play. It’s all included! You save hours of time!
  • LAUNCH – Once approved, we help you introduce and promote the app to your patients – with email blasts and in-office promotional materials.
  • REPORT – We monitor initial results and continually work to fine-tune promotions, improve systems and earn you more revenue!


Natasha Chatman | OC Dental Specialists

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