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  • Prevent prospects dropping you as their chosen practitioner because of old or faulty listings!

  • Ensure your prospects receive accurate, timely information about you, wherever they happen to search!

  • Avoid downgrades by Google and other search engines caused by inconsistencies in your listing information!

  • We do all the work for you. Save hours of time and expense!

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Four reasons why your practice’s current listings in dozens of online directories could be “dead-ending” your patient referrals…


  • Inconsistent, incomplete directory listings can turn off prospects trying to search for information about you!

  • Bad listings lower your “local” and “organic” rankings on Google and other search engines!

  • Bad listings affect your online reputation, creating a “tipping point” that sends prospects to your competition!

You worked hard to build a name for yourself. Don’t give prospects a reason to doubt your excellence!

Receive a FREE five-page analysis of your practice’s visibility and accuracy in top local online directories like Bing Places, Yahoo LOCAL, Google+ Local, Yelp, SuperPages and many more. PLUS, receive a complimentary analysis with a Web marketing consultant.

4 Reasons Why GreatNewMe! Newsletters Are Great For Your Business…


#1 Profit Potential!

It’s expensive and time-consuming to create your own newsletter. The GreatNewMe! online newsletter is available at a fraction of the cost and can pay for itself with one or two additional sales!

#2 Must-Read Content

Informative, eye-catching content will keep your audience coming back for more! Health, Nutrition, Exercise, Self-image and more! Fresh content every month, with carefully selected, licensed photography.

#3 You're the Star!

Unlike online directory and review site advertising, you won’t have to compete for prospects with dozens of similar businesses. Your business is the only one people see on every page of GreatNewMe!

#4 Relax! We Do It All.

We do all the heavy lifting, from writing, editing and design, to email marketing, social media posts, subscription landing pages and more. Sit back and enjoy the attention!

How Does It Work?

GreatNewMe! offers a multi-dimensional Marketing Program designed to help you get more business!


The King of Content For Your Business!

Content Marketing is a great way to establish loyalty with patients, clients and prospects. Give them informative, entertaining content they can use, and they’ll thank you with more visits!

As a GreatNewMe! provider, you’ll be featured in a robust online newsletter. Finally, you’ll have the quality content you need to properly market your practice or small business. Use a variety of clever tactics we make available to spread awareness.


GreatNewMe! Gets Attention On Any Device!

More and more people are viewing Web content on mobile devices. Despite this fact, many commercial websites are not smartphone-ready. That means, visitors will navigate away, and potential sales will be lost.

But GreatNewMe! is designed to look great on any device. Page layouts adjust to smartphones, tablets and desktops. Your customized banner is guaranteed to look great at the top of every page. All page elements and articles look great, too!

It’s this attention to detail that makes GreatNewMe! the newsletter you’ll be proud to send to your audience.


GreatNewMe! Reminder Emails Boost Potential Visits and Referrals!

Let people know about your newsletter! Choose our Email Marketing Package, or our Premier Combo Pack, and we’ll send monthly emails to your audience, announcing the latest issue of GreatNewMe! 

Email reminders should be the core of any Content Marketing strategy. Using our optional email platform you can send email announcements.

Our recent results have been putting the “Open” rate of GreatNewMe! emails at an average of 45%. That’s about 30% higher than the industry average! So, your business name will be in front of recipients on a regular basis and they’ll be receptive!

Want to send the emails, yourself? No problem! Use your existing email marketing account (ContantContact, MailChimp, GetResponse, etc.) to send your emails. We’ll show you how!


Your Social Media Feeds Never Looked Better!

Everyone knows Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter are a great way to spread the word about your practice or small business.

Problem is, it’s hard to find time to create content to keep your pages and feeds relevant. As a GreatNewMe! provider, you can post highlights and links to your GreatNewMe! articles.

Fill your pages and feeds with viral, captivating content. Want us to post content for you? Sure thing!


GreatNewMe! Patient Newsletters

With our “Subscribe” Badge, turn your first-time website visitors into followers!

Newsletter campaigns are the perfect Content Marketing tactic.

Placing a GreatNewMe! badge on your website pages or in the signature line of your regular emails helps you acquire new followers who, once they subscribe, will be reminded of your business again and again.

Need help with installation? Our consultants will take care of your needs promptly!


Patient Newsletter Landing Page

Our attractive landing page can convert casual subscribers into customers!

A strong landing page is one of the most effective marketing tools out there. With our landing page, you can direct prospective subscribers to your mailing list!

Choose our Email Marketing Package and send eye-catching new issue reminders to your list. Or we’ll direct your landing page to your own email marketing system.

Save hundreds of dollars on web design fees – it’s all included in our Core Package!


Features and Options

Customized marketing plans can include the core newsletter, plus email marketing, social media posts, or all three! Get marketing now!


GreatNewMe! Newsletter

Core Value Package


  • Your Own GreatNew.Me Custom URL
  • Content Refreshed Monthly
  • Professional Design of Your Banner
  • ”Subscribe” Badge Kit
  • Cool “Subscribe” Landing Page
  • Complete Telephone Support
  • Setup FREE with Annual Plan!
GreatNewMe! Newsletter

Email Marketing Add-On


  • FREE Email Setup! ($250 Value)
  • List Clean and Upload To Our System
  • ”Welcome” Email Setup
  • Regular Email Announcement Setup
  • Scheduled Mailings
  • All Available Statistics
GreatNewMe! Newsletter

Social Media Add-On


  • FREE Social Media Setup ($125 Value)
  • Individual articles hand-posted to Facebook and Twitter
  • Shortcodes generated for more attractive posts
  • Hashtags inserted when necessary
  • Featured photos added to post
  • Optional Facebook Ad Management

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One-time Setup: $275

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Monthly Cost: As little as $225
One-time Setup: $275

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