Stop bleeding money!

What if money-losing weaknesses in your patient confirmation, patient recall and reactivation process could be eliminated in less than a month? What if you could free your staff from hours of tedious work to spend more time on your immediate needs?

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Is your appointment book bleeding money?

7 reasons YOUR patient communication protocols could be costing you... 

  • Workflow pinchpoints at the front desk limit available time to reach out to patients!
  • Appointment reminders, recalls and reactivations too few and inconsistent!
  • Treatment plans not adequately or frequently presented!
  • No ability to "broadcast" newly available appointment times, office closings and other news to patients!
  • Email and Social Media engagement left undone!
  • Missing patient data, such as email and cell phone numbers, go unattended!
  • Positive reviews not telling your story online!

You need to keep that chair filled with patients. Don't let outdated protocols and time crunches get in the way of maximum profitability! Stop the bleeding today!